A Problem Of Pregnancy

For the past several years I have seen an abundance of news reports about people having four and more babies at a time and don’t understand why. Then the news report says the people were on many fertility drugs and that is the reason for the couple having so many children from one  pregnancy . I keep thinking how desperate these couples must be in order to risk having so many children born at once and why they are having such difficulty becoming pregnant.

I was wondering could stress be part of the cause of not getting pregnant, could it be the chemicals in our food, I know some doctors have determined we can gain weight from stress so why can’t the same cause people with normal test results still not get pregnant.

This led me to remember a guy I worked with back in the late 80’s, He and his wife were trying to get pregnant and tried for a very long time and just couldn’t. They went through all the test that were available back then and nothing was wrong with either of them that would keep them from getting pregnant. At the time In Vitro Fertilizationwasn’t really a viable solution because the procedure was just in its infancy.

They tried for a few more years and nothing happened so they decided to adopt a child. About a year later they got their wish and became adoptive parents and were really getting into taking care a child. However after taking care of their new bundle of joy for about six months they discovered they were pregnant. After years of trying and going to doctors and taking test after test only to find out everything was OK but not getting pregnant and all of a sudden they are pregnant.

I was thinking how is this possible, how could someone not being able to get pregnant for years all of a sudden become pregnant. Could not having the stress of trying to get pregnant and not being able to be all they needed to get pregnant.

I was thinking about my friend the last time I saw a news story about many children being born from one  pregnancy  and was wondering if there has been any research done looking into why not getting pregnant happens so often. I couldn’t believe someone hasn’t come up with something that isn’t as drastic as In Vitro Fertilization that works.

I started searching the internet looking for the answer when I came across a site by a woman named Lisa Olson who over many years has developed techniques on finding and helping many people determine and solving their  pregnancy  problem. There can be many underlying problems depending on the couple and she has written a book that looks into this and helps many couples reach their goal of becoming parents.

You owe it to yourself to see if there is another way to solve your  pregnancy  problem before committing to In Vitro Fertilization which is not only very expensive but not guaranteed. Visit the Lisa Olson’s website for more information and some interesting testimonials from couples she has helped.