9 best tips to Avoid a Migraine Before It Happens

Preventing migraines

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Around 39 million Americans encounter headache cerebral pains, as per the Migraine Research Foundation. In case you’re one of these individuals, you know the occasionally crippling side effects they can cause, which include:




affectability to light, stable, and scents 

By recognizing and maintaining a strategic distance from particular triggers, you can limit your odds of having a headache.

Read on to figure out how to evade a headache before it starts.

1. Evade noisy commotions and brilliant lights 

Boisterous clamors, blazing lights (for instance, strobe lights), and tactile incitement are regular triggers for headache cerebral pains. These boosts might be hard to maintain a strategic distance from, yet realizing that they happen in specific circumstances and situations could help. These include:

driving during the evening

being in motion picture theaters

going to clubs or swarmed scenes

encountering glare from the sun

Take parts from the TV or PC screen to rest your eyes, and modify the shine levels on advanced screens. Give careful consideration to all visual and sound unsettling influences, and ensure you can without much of a stretch maintain a strategic distance from them if a headache emerges.

2. Focus on nourishment decisions 

Certain nourishments and beverages can start cerebral pains, for example,


red wine

handled meats



Know which nourishments and added substances achieve a cerebral pain for you and figure out how to maintain a strategic distance from them. Sustenances and beverages with caffeine or liquor — particularly red wines or champagne — are normal triggers. Utmost the sum you devour amid the day, or maintain a strategic distance from them inside and out if require be.

3. Keep a cerebral pain journal 

By keeping a journal, you can without much of a stretch distinguish your particular headache triggers. Here are cases of the things you could keep note of:

what you eat and drink

your activity routine and calendar

the climate

solid sentiments and feelings you might have

your meds and their symptoms

times and seriousness of your migraines

This can enable you to see an example in your headache events and will make maintaining a strategic distance from one less demanding.

4. Be careful with hormonal changes 

Hormones assume a noteworthy part as far as headaches. Numerous ladies tend to encounter more headache migraines amid, or just previously, their menstrual period. Ladies ought to be particularly cautious with their eating regimen and exercise propensities amid this time. This will ease indications before they start. As indicated by the Mayo Clinic, oral contraceptives and hormone substitution treatment (HRT) may build the recurrence and seriousness of headaches. A few ladies may discover help by changing to another type of anti-conception medication, while others may discover they have less headaches while taking anti-conception medication.

5. Take supplements

Despite the fact that headaches can be treated with or without medicines, it’s essential to get the correct supplements. Taking certain herbs and minerals may enable ward to off headaches. Magnesium inadequacy has been appeared to add to the beginning of headaches, so taking an every day supplement may help decrease upheavals. Be that as it may, the Mayo Clinic reports that the outcomes from these examinations have been blended. Chat with your specialist about home grown cures and other nonprescription supplements that may facilitate your side effects.

6. Focus on the climate 

Changes in the climate can affect your headache designs. High dampness and hot temperatures can empower cerebral pains, and also blustery days. In the event that the climate winds up awkward for you, you may need to advance inside and enjoy a reprieve from the outside. Obviously, you can’t generally abstain from going outside, however you can limit your opportunity spent in certain cerebral pain instigating climate.

7. Eat and think about a customary calendar 

Fasting or skipping dinners can trigger headache cerebral pains. Ensure you gobble inside a hour of awakening and after that each three to four hours. Appetite and drying out both reason headaches. Ensure you’re drinking enough water, and never avoid a supper.

Absence of rest can likewise disturb manifestations, so ensure you time in no less than seven to eight hours. Notwithstanding getting excessively rest can cause migraines, so don’t endeavor to compensate for lost rest by napping too long.

8. Maintain a strategic distance from pressure 

In spite of the fact that we can’t generally control distressing circumstances, we can control how we respond to them. Headaches are a typical aftereffect of unpleasant occasions. Unwinding systems, for example, contemplation, yoga, and biofeedback can help lessen levels of pressure.

9. Pick unwinding works out 

Standard exercise is a critical piece of a sound way of life. Be that as it may, serious exercise, for example, weight lifting, can trigger cerebral pains.

Focus on your body’s reaction to specific exercises. Select exercises that advance pressure diminishment without putting excessively strain on the body, for example, yoga, light heart stimulating exercise, or judo. Taking calming drugs before exercise may help ease side effects.

Plan ahead

Figuring out how to maintain a strategic distance from your particular triggers and preparing are an essential piece of monitoring your headaches. By getting them early, you can stay away from the most serious indications.

Abacavir Uses, Side effects, Overdose, Missed Dose, Limit, Price

Uses of Abacavir

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This drug is used with other HIV answers for help control HIV malady. It lessens the measure of HIV in your body so your safe structure can work better. This cuts down your probability of getting HIV disarrays, (for instance, new defilements, threat) and improves your own fulfillment. Abacavir has a place with a class of medicines known as nucleoside switch transcriptase inhibitors-NRTI.

Abacavir isn’t an answer for HIV illness. To decrease your risk of spreading HIV disease to others, do most of the going with: (1) continue taking all HIV medicines absolutely as suggested by your authority, (2) constantly use a feasible deterrent strategy (latex or polyurethane condoms/dental dams) in the midst of all sexual development, and (3) don’t share singular things, (for instance, needles/syringes, toothbrushes, and razors) that may have achieved blood or other body fluids. Advice your expert or medication pro for more purposes of intrigue.

Well ordered guidelines to use Abacavir

Read the Medication Guide and Warning Card given by your medication authority before you start taking abacavir and each time you get a refill. Pass on the Warning Card with you always. In case you have any request, ask your expert or medication authority.

Take this arrangement by mouth, as a general rule 1-2 times step by step with or without sustenance or as composed by your pro. If you are using the liquid sort of this prescription, definitely measure the dose using an extraordinary assessing device/spoon. Do whatever it takes not to use a family spoon since you may not get the correct measurements.

The estimation relies upon your helpful condition and response to treatment. In kids, the measurement is also in perspective of weight.

If you quit using abacavir despite for a short range and after that restart the medicine, you have an extended plausibility of working up a serious (possibly deadly) excessively touchy reaction. Refill your answer before you run out. Do whatever it takes not to stop treatment aside from if facilitated by your authority. Before restarting abacavir, direct your pro or medication master, and ensure you have straightforward access to helpful care.

It is basic to continue taking this arrangement (and other HIV remedies) definitely as prescribed by your pro. Do whatever it takes not to skirt any measurements. Make an effort not to manufacture your estimations, take this solution more regularly than embraced, or quit taking it (or other HIV pharmaceuticals) despite for a short time allotment aside from if facilitated to do in that capacity by your authority. Skipping or changing your dose without underwriting from your pro may influence the measure of contamination increase, to make the malady all the more difficult to treat (safe), or compound responses.

For the best effect, take this medicine at impartially isolated events. To empower you to recall, take this medicine at the same time(s) reliably.

Side effects 

Burden snoozing or loss of wanting may happen. If any of these effects hang on or decrease, advise your master or medication expert rapidly.

Remember that your pro has prescribed this arrangement since he or she has judged that the preferred standpoint to you is more unmistakable than the peril of side effects. Various people using this medication don’t have honest to goodness side effects.

As your protected structure gets more grounded, it can begin to avert defilements you starting at now had, possibly influencing disease signs to return. You could in like manner have indications if your sheltered structure ends up overactive. This reaction may happen at whatever point (not long after consequent to starting HIV treatment or various months sometime later). Get therapeutic help promptly if you have any certifiable signs, including: unexplained weight lessening, extraordinary tiredness, muscle throbs/deficiency that doesn’t leave, cerebral agonies that are not kidding or don’t leave, joint torment, deadness/shuddering of the hands/feet/arms/legs, vision changes, signs of defilement, (for instance, fever, chills, swollen lymph center points, bother breathing, hack, non-recovering skin wounds), signs of an overactive thyroid, (for instance, bad temper, nervousness, warm intolerance, fast/beating/eccentric heartbeat, swelling eyes, remarkable improvement in the neck/thyroid known as a goiter), signs of a particular nerve issue known as Guillain-Barre issue, (for instance, burden breathing/swallowing/moving your eyes, hanging face, loss of movement, bother talking).

Tell your pro quickly if you have any bona fide manifestations, including: mental/tendency changes (despair, uneasiness).

Changes in muscle versus fat, (for instance, extended fat in the upper back and stomach domains, lessened fat in the arms and legs) may happen while you are taking HIV pharmaceutical. The reason and whole deal effects of these movements are dark. Discuss the risks and focal points of treatment with your pro, and moreover the possible piece of movement to lessen this side effect.

This is absolutely not a whole summary of possible responses. If you see distinctive effects not recorded above, contact your authority or medication expert.

In the US –

Call your expert for helpful admonishment about manifestations. You may report responses to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or at www.fda.gov/medwatch.

In Canada – Call your pro for therapeutic direction about responses. You may report side effects to Health Canada at 1-866-234-2345.


If some person has overdosed and has honest to goodness signs, for instance, going out or bother breathing, call 911. Something different, call a dangerous substance control concentrate quickly. US tenants can call their neighborhood poison control center at 1-800-222-1222. Canada tenants can call an ordinary poisonous substance control center.


Make an effort not to give this pharmaceutical to others.

Research focus and furthermore restorative tests, (for instance, liver tests, viral load, T-cell counts) should be performed irregularly to screen your progress or check for manifestations. Advice your pro for more unobtrusive components.

Keep all helpful and research focus courses of action.

Missed Dose 

If you miss a measurement, acknowledge it when you recall. If it is near the period of the accompanying dose, skip themissed estimation and resume your common dosing plan. Make an effort not to twofold the estimations to get up to speed.


Store abacavir course of action or tablets at room temperature a long way from light and moistness. Abacavir course of action may moreover be secured in the ice chest. Make an effort not to harden. Make an effort not to store in the bathroom. Battle off all pharmaceuticals from adolescents and pets.

Make an effort not to flush medications down the toilet or void them into an exhaust aside from if taught to do all things considered. Fittingly discard this thing when it is ended or never again required. Advice your medication pro or neighborhood misuse exchange company.Information last changed March 2018. Copyright(c) 2018 First Databank, Inc.

Proper Dental Care During Pregnancy

A lot of women ignore their teeth while pregnant as other parts of their body get all the attention. However, the consequences of this have been dire as these women have suffered from various diseases that were harmful to them and their growing baby. It is difficult to imagine that poor dental care during  pregnancy  can actually lead to tumors in the gums or even pre-term labor. Therefore, pregnant women should consider their overall dental health in order to ensure that they enjoy a stress-free nine months.

 Pregnancy  is usually associated with a lot of hormones, most of which are responsible for poor oral health. Hormones usually lead to the increased production of mucous throughout the body, including the mouth. This may cause the gums to become red and tender or even to swell. As a result, a lot of women experience bleeding gums during  pregnancy . It is therefore advisable for women to use mild toothbrushes while brushing and not to be too aggressive as this could aggravate the situation.

A lot of women experience nausea and vomiting during  pregnancy . This usually leads to an increase in the acid levels in the mouth. The situation is aggravated by the fact that pregnant women are usually more prone to dehydration meaning that they will have less saliva. Saliva helps a lot in balancing the pH levels in the mouth. Women who vomit a lot during  pregnancy  should ensure that they rinse their mouth thoroughly afterwards in order to get rid of any acid that may have been left in the mouth.

Increased acidity in the mouth may cause women to have more cavities. Also, constant vomiting means that a lot of bacteria from the stomach are deposited in the mouth and between the teeth. This also leads to cavities and increased plaque. Pregnant women should take regular sips of water, and they should floss and brush their teeth regularly.

It is also believed that babies take a lot of nutrients from their mother during  pregnancy . One of the nutrients that the baby needs is calcium which is necessary for their growing bones. This means that the mother will have less calcium for their own teeth, unless they take the necessary precautions. Mothers are advised to take foods rich in calcium during  pregnancy  such as milk and yoghurt.

Women who do not exercise proper dental care when pregnant are prone to  pregnancy  gingivitis. This will cause their gums to recede and to redden and their teeth may become loose. If left untreated,  pregnancy  gingivitis usually leads to periodontal disease which can actually result in tooth loss. Also, the bacteria released from these diseases could cause a woman to go into pre-term labor, thus causing harm to their baby.  Pregnancy  tumors may also develop in the mouth, and the mom-to-be may have to undergo an operation to get rid of them.

Pregnant women should visit their dentist at least once during the nine months of  pregnancy  as part of their dental care routine. They should ensure that the dentist knows that they are pregnant. This is because some procedures such as x-rays and teeth whitening are dangerous during  pregnancy .

Ten Skin Problems of Pregnancy

 Pregnancy  brings with it many changes, emotionally, physically, and mentally. From a mental and emotional standpoint, you’re preparing to adopt a new role of parent, with all its accompanying responsibilities. Physically, of course, you’re dealing with changes in the shape, function, and movement of your body. While we have a society-wide belief that pregnant women are always glowing, that, unfortunately, is not always the case. No where is this more evident than in the skin problems of  pregnancy .

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “the eyes are the window to the soul”. If this is true, your skin is the window to your current state of health and the changes taking place on the inside. During  pregnancy , aside from all the other issues, you may also have to deal with a variety of skin changes, including rashes, acne, stretch marks, breaking nails, hair growth or loss, and dark blotches on the skin.

Most of these changes are directly linked to the enormous amount of hormonal fluctuations women experience during  pregnancy . During  pregnancy , there are all kinds of changes which can have impact on your skin, leading to new skin problems or worsening of existing ones. In some cases,  pregnancy  may actually help improve existing skin conditions. Let’s look at various skin conditions in more detail, defining the main ten skin problems of  pregnancy .

1) Rashes. Rashes appear due to irritation of the skin. One common  pregnancy  rash is called pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of  pregnancy  (PUPPP). This is the most frequently seen condition specific to  pregnancy . Women with PUPPP demonstrate a rash which starts on the abdomen and can spread to the breasts, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

2) Acne. Acne is another skin condition that may get better or worse during  pregnancy . Acne is, at least in part, driven by hormones, so the hormones of  pregnancy  can lead to more breakouts for some women, and clearer skin for others.

3) Oily skin. Oily skin is third skin condition which may arise during  pregnancy . This is related to increased levels of androgen, the male sex hormone, which causes an increase in sebum production. The more sebum produced, the oilier the skin. Many women report that their skin and hair becomes oilier during  pregnancy . Most of the time, these issues can be addressed with over the counter oil controlling cleansers and products.

4) Stretch marks. The fourth skin problem of  pregnancy , stretch marks arise when the under layers of the skin is stretched, resulting in visible striations on the surface of the skin. Stretch marks can be treated after the fact, but the best treatment is always prevention. Keeping your skin well moisturized, especially on your tummy, breasts, thighs, can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

5) Spider angiomas. These are another possible skin problem of  pregnancy . Spider angiomas are groups of very tiny blood vessels which gather around a central point and radiate out like the legs of a spider. Pregnant women are likely to develop these on their chest, faces, arms, and sometimes on other places on the body. Most of these spider angiomas clear up after  pregnancy .

6) Chloasma. Chloasma, also called melasma, or the “mask of  pregnancy ” is another skin condition which is diagnosed when certain areas of the skin turn darker because of excess pigmentation. Most often, this condition affects places of the skin which are most often exposed to sun, like the upper lip, forehead, cheeks. This condition is likely to clear up after  pregnancy . Again, you can lessen your chances of chloasma by using a good (baby safe) doctor recommended sunscreen throughout the course of your  pregnancy .

7) Too much hair. Changes in the hair are also common during  pregnancy . Some women lose a lot of hair within a few months after delivery, while many are troubled with excess hair growth during  pregnancy . Excess hair growth is most often seen on the lip and chin, and is triggered by an increase in androgen and other male hormones during  pregnancy .

8) Brittle nails. Many women experience breaking, splitting, or brittleness to their nails during  pregnancy . Physicians aren’t quite sure why this occurs, but it may be managed with an over the counter nail hardening polish. Check with your doctor.

9) Skin tags. Skin tags are little pieces of skin which over-grow and hang from the neck. These can increase in number during  pregnancy . If you have skin tags before  pregnancy , it may be that  pregnancy  will cause these to increase.

10) Atopic dermatitis. Also known as eczema, this skin condition may appear or worsen during  pregnancy . Marked by extreme skin itchiness, too much scratching can lead to the skin become red, swollen, or cracked.

If you are pregnant, be sure to watch for these ten skin problems of  pregnancy . If you begin to develop any of these conditions, seek appropriate medical advice; you don’t have to suffer through these conditions for the whole nine months. Chances are that your doctor will have recommendations which can address your skin problems so you can have healthy, beautiful skin, even while you’re pregnant.

How NOT to Treat Acne During Pregnancy

If a particular drug causes side effect during treatment, it simply means that the drug creates other diseases or problems in the body. Such drug cannot be assumed as helpful to the body. That is the kind of dilemma that you can face when taking medications during  pregnancy .

One of the widely and most popular medications used in the treatment of acne are those that contain Isotretinoin. This is because Isotretinoin is adjudged to be effective against any severe form of acne. Such drugs belong to a class of Retinoid derived from vitamin A. The medication gives favorable result on acne. But then, certain side effects cannot be overlooked even though it is highly effective and capable of producing good result on acne. It should NOT be given to pregnant women. This is because those kind of drugs cause birth defects of developing fetus. Contact your doctor if you are pregnant, married or you are of child bearing age if the drug is prescribed to you.

The side effects of Isotretinoin far outweigh its advantages for pregnant women. The side effects are horrible. You are still better without the burden of a child with birth defects. Pregnant women are advice to stay clear of Isotretinion drugs. Other side effects that it causes are skin itching, thinning of hair, dry skin, red itchy eyes, dry mouth, dry lips and nose. You may even face affliction of the liver, vomiting, depression, nauseating, anxiety and blood streams affliction.

As a woman, before you begin treatment with this drug, you need to go for a  pregnancy  test. If you are pregnant you need to let the doctor know if you wish to breast feed after child bearing. And if you are not yet pregnant you need to tell the doctor if you plan become pregnant in the near future. Normally, the advice is to take birth control pill before  pregnancy  and after you stop the administration of the medication for at least one month. Always consult your doctor before and after the use of the drug.

Hormonal imbalances are welcome development during  pregnancy  which may bring about acne outburst. During the first three month of  pregnancy  you may have severe acne attack even though you have the best skin. As the  pregnancy  advances in months, the skin clears itself of acne.

It is better to avoid oral medications which are not duly recommended by a doctor in order to protect the growing fetus within you from any form of harms. Avoid taking risk in your delicate condition. If you must take Isotretinion, there are several things you are expected and NOT expected to do which you need to take absolute care of in consultation with your doctor.