Early Pregnancy Headaches Explained

There are several know factors associated with early  pregnancy  headaches. In most cases, alternations in hormone levels are to blame. The stress of adapting to many changes during  pregnancy  may also aggravate headaches in some women. Another common cause of headaches in early  pregnancy  is abrupt dietary changes, which may lead to imbalanced sugar levels or caffeine withdrawal, both of which are known to cause headaches.

Women who suffer from morning sickness with vomiting may become dehydrated, leading to low blood pressure that may cause both dizziness and a dull headache. If you are experiencing headaches in early  pregnancy , be sure to maintain a balanced diet and drink enough fluids.

Keep in mind that headaches during  pregnancy  are not always a result of being pregnant. For example, eye problems and sinus conditions or other factors may lead to headaches and have nothing to do with  pregnancy .

Are  pregnancy  headaches a cause for alarm?

Headaches in early  pregnancy  are rarely due to a serious underlying condition. However, as a pregnant woman, you should inform your doctor about all symptoms that you are experiencing.

These  pregnancy  headaches are not likely to be caused by high blood pressure, but this is still a possibility. Tumors or blood vessel abnormalities may also cause headaches, but this is not commonplace during  pregnancy . Although the risks are low, its best to rule out serious conditions as early treatment is key in such cases.

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