Health Insurance – Mental Health Coverage

Xanax is a medication used to treat various forms of anxiety. People suffering from anxiety disorders, panic disorders, or depression-induced anxiety often suffer a chemical imbalance in the brain that triggers the telltale symptoms. As a member of a group of drugs called benzodiazepines, Xanax acts as a sedative to calm the patient and provide relief from anxiety symptoms. Symptom control using Xanax is much the same as other medications such as Valium or Ativan. However, patients may find themselves exposed to difficulties in terms of getting their health insurance to cover such prescriptions.

Since Xanax is used to primarily treat psychological  health  disorders, coverage for treatments and prescription medications used to treat  mental   health  disorders may be excluded from standard health insurance policies.  Mental   health  coverage varies widely from one insurance company to the next. Some companies will cover psychological health care, provided the primary care physician referred the patient for psychiatric treatment. Other policies will cover a limited number of doctor visits with a therapist or trained psychiatrist, but offer little in the way of prescription drug coverage. Still other insurance companies offer no  mental   health  care coverage, or require a separate  mental   health  care rider.

Unfortunately, when a patient requires treatment for anxiety with medications like Xanax, they may not even know whether their  health  insurance plan covers  mental   health  care. Likewise, most do not know the terms of any psychological health insurance coverage they do carry. This is commonly the case with many chronic conditions such as psychological health disorders, cancer, and other high risk health problems. Patients are blissful unaware of what illnesses, injuries, or chronic conditions they ultimately find themselves diagnosed as having. Unfortunately, that also means they are caught unaware when they realize they have little to no coverage for their condition.

In terms of Xanax specifically, many insurance companies will cover the prescription even without specific  mental   health  coverage. This is due to the increase in prescriptions written by general practice physicians, gynecologists, and other medical professionals outside of the  mental   health  community. Some insurance companies will cover prescriptions, including prescriptions for anxiety such as Xanax, provided the prescription was written by a primary care physician. If you find yourself undergoing treatment for anxiety or other  mental   health  diagnosis, it would be wise to verify what type of  mental   health  care coverage you have, its limitations and exclusions, and other information concerning financing your medical care.

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