How to Get a Cancer Man Back – Tips to Win Back His Love Forever

Knowing how to get a Cancer man back is crucial if you’ve lost your ex boyfriend and he was born under this star sign. If you love him and you can’t fathom how to move forward without him, you need to really try and get him back. A break up doesn’t necessarily have to mean a future apart, it can mean a second chance if you play your cards right. Before you try and get your ex back on your own, you need to fully understand what the right approach is.

Understanding how to get a Cancer man back includes recognizing his unique qualities and what drew him to you in the first place. Cancer men are incredibly vulnerable and although he may appear to be fine with the break up, his heart may be in a million pieces just as yours is. That’s why it’s crucial that you take the necessary steps to make amends. You can do that by taking responsibility for your part in the break up. We all make mistakes and owning up to them is the first step towards a renewed beginning. Let him know that you regret your actions, even if he was the one who decided a break up was in order. He’ll really appreciate that you took the time to apologize to him.

The emotional connection that you two shared has been lost in light of the break up, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from pursuing a relationship with your ex. Trust and openness are very important to Cancer men so you need to start rebuilding that from the ground up. A friendship is the best way to do this. It should be platonic for now and that should be at your urging. Let him know that you value his friendship and would like to keep that. Be supportive and encouraging as a friend to your ex. That will help him to remember the bond you two once shared and will make him want it again.

Learning how to win a Cancer man back means recognizing that it will take a bit of time. These men aren’t quick to hand their hearts over to anyone, including an ex girlfriend. You need to show him, through a strong and committed friendship that you do care for him and only want the best for him. Have fun exploring your friendship and be there whenever he needs you. In time he’ll come to see you as someone he can love and trust again and that will be built on a new, strong and unwavering foundation of friendship.