Pregnancy Hair Loss – An Explanation

Some have only now heard of  pregnancy  hair loss. If you are pregnant and expecting to give birth soon, you should know more about this condition now before it happens to you.

The condition does not happen to every woman. To those who have the misfortune of experiencing it, initial loss may be observed a few months after giving birth. Because not everyone is the same biologically, some also report experiencing excessive strand fall during  pregnancy .

At first glance, the condition may seem like a good reason to panic. Be assured though that it is not a life threatening occurrence, nor is it permanent or enduring. In some cases, the condition can extend for months to about a year.  Pregnancy  hair loss however will eventually resolve itself and strand growth will return to normal. In other words, there is absolutely no need to panic.

There may be little you can do to stop the condition because its causes are hormonal in nature. This doesn’t mean though that you should do nothing. The truth is that this condition in women is not fully understood. There aren’t a lot of genuine solutions offered simply because more research is required. Most experts would suggest though that the best that you can do is to promote your overall health.

You will feel much better and you probably will be giving your scalp nutritional support by eating a healthy diet. You should complement this with regular exercise and the intake of supplements rich in vitamins and minerals. These may not be enough to stop  pregnancy  hair loss but they can keep your body in tip top shape.