What Are Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Some signs and symptoms of  pregnancy  are specific and others are general. To confirm that a woman has conceived, it is better to focus on definite signs. It will surely help avoid any confusion. It will also enable the mother to get proper care to have a healthy child, when  pregnancy  is confirmed. Various signs and symptoms are:

Missed Menstruation

Monthly periods are missed, which is the most common sign. But, it can be due to hormonal imbalances as well. It needs to be validated with other indications.

Tender breasts

It is one of the early signs. Breasts begin to swell in the first or second week, following conception. There may be enlargement in size, tenderness and soreness.


Usually, women have implantation bleeding from first six to twelve days of  pregnancy . This is because embryo is implanted into the wall of uterus. Cramping and spotting is experienced in some cases.

Morning sickness

This is another common sign that occurs between two to eight weeks of the first trimester. In some women, it eventually goes away after a few months. Others may suffer throughout the term. It can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Constipation or heartburn

One or both the problems may occur at an earlier level and stay till the baby is delivered. Since, there is an increased hormonal level, digestion and bowel function slows down. It allows blood to absorb as much vitamins and minerals as it possibly can. This slow process causes the secretion of more gastric acid, which gives a burning sensation.

Taking an antacid on your own is risky because some of these contain aluminum, which is quite detrimental to health during  pregnancy . Consult your physician or gynecologist to assist you.

Pain in head and back

Headache can be the result of a sudden rise of hormonal level in the body. Lower backache can also persist during all three stages.

Frequent urination

If there is no urinary tract infection, diabetes, excessive liquid or diuretics intake etc. then, it is certainly an early sign of  pregnancy .


A feeling of increased tiredness will start in the first week of stage one. But remember, fatigue is also felt during stress, depression, illness, cold or flu. So be clear about the actual cause behind it.

Changes in food preferences

Many women unexpectedly start having a craving for certain foods, such as ice cream or pickled veggies. They don’t like having these in normal days. But, during this phase, they develop liking for some foods. Similarly, they may be averted towards those edibles, which they previously used to enjoy.

Intolerance to aromas

A pleasant aroma can cause nausea and irritation. Even the fragrance of a favorite perfume can be annoying. This is caused by estrogen, the hormone actively working in pregnant women.

Fetal heart beat

Mother can hear heartbeat of the fetus during scan. This is absolutely a definite indication of  pregnancy .

Mood swings, irritability, stretch marks, bloated abdomen, weight gain and changes in the skin are some other signs.